sideimgThe idea for Advantage Power and Control LLC began in 2013 from feedback of numerous end-user clients. The industry had been dominated by too many large companies that were incapable of responding in a timely fashion to the daily needs of servicing end-user clients. The large companies are only focused on installing the next system and don’t want to recognize the daily needs of existing systems. Too many times, the usage pattern of an existing building changes from one tenant to the next and the existing control system are not setup for the needs of the new tenant. As older mechanical equipment gets replaced, the new equipment needs to be added into the existing control systems. Getting a larger company to arrive (or even answer the phone) within any two week window is almost impossible. As the cost of energy continues to rise, many existing and older buildings are looking to retrofit new building automation systems into their environment.

Our group of industry veterans are passionate about taking care of our customers:

Daniel Mahr
Daniel Mahr is the President and CEO of Advantage Power and Control. Mr. Mahr has extensive industry and mechanical experience as President of an extremely successful mid-market Mechanical Contracting Company. Mr. Mahr has a B.S. in Finance from the University of Vermont and an MBA from Drexel University. Through progressive work experiences at small to Fortune 500 companies, from the pulp and paper industry, to computer services, to financial services, to mechanical contracting, Mr. Mahr has learned that hard work, focusing on the customer’s needs, and the ability to find humor in any situation can set the tone for growing a world class services company.

Alan MacCulloch
Alan MacCulloch is Vice President and Master Electrician of Record for Advantage Power and Control. Mr. MacCulloch has spent the past 15+ years as the head of facilities specializing in manufacturing and industrial automation controls. He has vast experiences as an electrical contractor in both commercial and industrial settings.

Robert Gillette
Robert Gillette is head of controls project management, installation and programming for Advantage Power and Control. Mr. Gillette has worked in the building automation controls industry for 15+ years and in the HVAC services industry for over 20 years. He has managed and installed control systems for the most advanced and sophisticated systems imaginable and always found a way to get the job done right. He has worked on almost every kind of commercial, industrial, institutional and clean room environment. His systems have integrated with every kind of mechanical and process equipment on the market. Mr. Gillette has been known to say “I can program a system to put a man on mars and make him spit jelly beans.”